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As the foremost Second Amendment attorney in Oregon, Kollie Law and Oregon Gun Law has years of experience representing individuals in restoring their rights to hunt, target shoot, purchase, and possess firearms.  If lawfully owning a firearm is your goal, you have come to the right place.


If you or a loved one have been convicted of a felony, domestic violence charge, drug crime, the subject of a restraining order, or civil commitment, you have lost your Second Amendment Rights.  We can get your rights restored. 


These requests are granted when your lawyer assists in explaining to the Court that you are not a danger to society or yourself.  The burden is on the Petitioner to prove by Clear and Convincing Evidence.  It is very helpful to have things like letters of support, friends, co-workers or family testify on your behalf. 


By hiring the lawyers at Kollie Law to restore your rights you receive the  assistance of the most experienced Second Amendment attorney in Oregon.  We have assisted countless clients in regaining their rights.  

Our attorneys will assist with preparing your Petition that is filed in the County you live in.  We will put the most pertinent information forward to the Court to emphasize how much life has changed for you.  We will assist you in obtaining letters of support from friends, family, co-workers, or loved ones.  All of the people that know you best will be the best suited for informing the Court why you should have your rights restored.  We will prepare you and all your witnesses to testify before the Court in a clear and convincing manner.  Because we have done this so many times, we know what works.   

If you want some pointers on how to draft letters of support for one of our clients please; Click Here

The process for the civil Oregon Gun Restoration is vested in ORS 166.274.  Oregon law has a few necessary prongs, and then a burden.  Folks are eligible for Restoration if they have:

  • Not been on supervision, or served a felony sentence in the last year

  • Not been convicted of a person felony if that crime involved the use of a firearm or deadly weapon

  • Not been convicted of a Crime enumerated under Measure 11 (ORS 137.700)

Everyone else is eligible to have the Court review their legal status in firearm ownership.  

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