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Oregon Gun Rights Law

As the foremost Second Amendment attorney in Oregon, Kollie Law and Oregon Gun Law has years of experience representing individuals in restoring their rights to hunt, target shoot, purchase, and possess firearms.  If lawfully owning a firearm is your goal, you have come to the right place.


If you or a loved one have been convicted of a felony, domestic violence charge, drug crime, the subject of a restraining order, or civil commitment, you have lost your Second Amendment Rights.  We can get your rights restored. 


These requests are granted when your lawyer assists in explaining to the Court that you are not a danger to society or yourself.  The burden is on the Petitioner to prove by Clear and Convincing Evidence.  It is very helpful to have things like letters of support, friends, co-workers or family testify on your behalf. 

Experienced Gun Rights Representation


By hiring the lawyers at Kollie Law to restore your rights you receive the assistance of the most experienced Second Amendment attorney in Oregon.  We have assisted countless clients in regaining their rights.  

Our attorneys will assist with preparing your Petition that is filed in the County you live in.  We will put the most pertinent information forward to the Court to emphasize how much life has changed for you.  We will assist you in obtaining letters of support from friends, family, co-workers, or loved ones.  All of the people that know you best will be the best suited for informing the Court why you should have your rights restored.  We will prepare you and all your witnesses to testify before the Court in a clear and convincing manner.  Because we have done this so many times, we know what works.   

If you want some pointers on how to draft letters of support for one of our clients please; Click Here

The process for the civil Oregon Gun Restoration is vested in ORS 166.274.  Oregon law has a few necessary prongs, and then a burden.  Folks are eligible for Restoration if they have:

  • Not been on supervision, or served a felony sentence in the last year

  • Not been convicted of a person felony if that crime involved the use of a firearm or deadly weapon

  • Not been convicted of a Crime enumerated under Measure 11 (ORS 137.700)

Everyone else is eligible to have the Court review their legal status in firearm ownership.  


What to Do After Being Charged With a Gun Crime in Oregon 

If you are charged with a gun crime in Oregon, there are several steps you should take immediately to protect your rights and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for your case: 

● Exercise your right to remain silent: As soon as you are arrested or charged with a gun crime, you have the right to remain silent. It’s important to exercise this right and not say anything to law enforcement officers until you have spoken with a Medford gun rights attorney. 

● Contact an experienced Oregon gun rights attorney: Time is of the essence when you are facing criminal charges. You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and start building your defense. 

● Understand the charges against you: Your attorney will explain the specific charges against you and the potential consequences of a conviction. It’s crucial that you fully understand the charges and the potential penalties so that you can make informed decisions about your defense strategy.

● Gather any relevant evidence: If you have any evidence that could help your case, such as witness statements, video 

footage, or physical evidence, you should gather it and provide it to your attorney. 

● Avoid discussing your case with anyone: It’s always in your best interest to avoid discussing your case with anyone other than your attorney. Anything you say could be used against you in court. 


● Attend all court appearances: Make it your top priority to attend all scheduled court appearances, including arraignment and any pre-trial hearings. Failing to appear in court can result in additional charges and/or a warrant being issued for your arrest.

Oregon’s Gun Laws 

Oregon's gun laws are generally considered to be among the more strict in the United States. Some key features of Oregon's gun laws include: 

1. Background checks: All firearm sales, including private sales, must go through a background check conducted by a licensed gun dealer or law enforcement agency. 

2. Permit to purchase: Oregon does not require a permit to purchase firearms. 

3. Permit to carry: Oregon is a "shall issue" state for concealed carry permits, meaning that individuals who meet certain criteria, such as passing a background check and completing a training course, must be issued a permit. 

4. Magazine capacity: Oregon limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds for handguns, and 5 rounds for shotguns when used for hunting. 

5. Assault weapons ban: Oregon has not enacted a specific ban on assault weapons, but certain types of firearms, including some

semi-automatic rifles, are classified as "assault weapons" under state law and are subject to additional restrictions. 

6. Domestic violence: Oregon has specific laws prohibiting individuals convicted of domestic violence or subject to a restraining order from owning or possessing firearms. 

7. Gun-free zones: The state of Oregon prohibits firearms in certain locations, including schools, courthouses, and some government buildings. 

8. Eligibility: To be eligible for a concealed handgun license, an applicant must be at least 21 years old, be a U.S. citizen or legal resident, and be a resident of Oregon or have a valid Oregon address.

How an Oregon Gun Rights Attorney Can Help You 

An Oregon gun rights attorney can provide assistance and representation for individuals dealing with legal issues related to firearms. At Kollie Law we can provide legal advice on the various laws and regulations surrounding gun ownership and possession in Oregon. Additionally, our skilled team can assist with permit applications and help navigate the application process. We can also appeal license revocations and provide representation in civil litigation cases where someone's gun rights have been violated. Contact our office for a free consultation today.

*Nothing herein constitutes legal advice. You should obtain independent legal counsel regarding your specific factual situation.

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