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Sex Crime Charges in Oregon

The Medford sex crime attorneys at the Kollie Law represent people charged with sex crimes ranging from public indecency to rape in the first degree. To learn how our criminal defense team can assist you contact our Medford office for a free confidential consultation.

We provide legal defense for sex crimes including:

  • Rape in the first degree

  • Rape in the second degree

  • Rape in the third degree

  • Sodomy in the first degree

  • Sodomy in the second degree

  • Sodomy in the third degree

  • Unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree

  • Unlawful sexual penetration in the second degree

  • Purchasing sex with a minor

  • Sexual abuse in first degree

  • Sexual abuse in the second degree

  • Sexual abuse in the third degree

  • Online sexual corruption of a child in the first degree

  • Online sexual corruption of a child in the second degree

  • Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor

  • Sexual misconduct

  • Custodial sexual misconduct in the first degree

  • Custodial sexual misconduct in the second degree

  • Public indecency

  • Private indecency

  • Unlawful dissemination of an intimate image


Defense of Sex Crime Charges in Oregon

Being accused of a sex crime can have lasting and severe consequences. That's why it's critical to hire an experienced Medford sex crime lawyer Many sex crimes in Oregon are felonies. This means that in addition to the loss of certain civil rights an individual convicted of a sex crime in Oregon may face a lengthy term of imprisonment in the Oregon Department of Corrections. Some Oregon sex crimes are Measure 11 crimes. If you or someone you know is convicted of a Measure 11 sex crime they may be required to serve a mandatory sentence in prison. A conviction for a sex crime may also result in a requirement to register as a sex offender.

The government has the requirement to prove the elements of a sex crime with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In prosecuting someone for a sex crime the government will look for:

Corroboration – Is there physical evidence or independent witnesses to link the defendant to a crime.

Confession – Has a suspect in a sex crime confessed? If so, when and why did they make the confession. A confession must be intelligently, voluntarily, and knowingly made. 

Credibility – Does the victim accurately recall the events that make up the allegations or are there inaccuracies or omissions? How many statements were given and to whom? Were the statements recorded? A victim’s word is enough to convict a defendant of a crime if the jury believes the victim is credible beyond a reasonable doubt.

Thorough Investigation -  The police and prosecution should look at anything an accuser has said and see if there is an independent means to refute or confirm their assertions.


Often there is no physical evidence to support sex crimes allegations. Police and prosecutors commonly rely on statements of the accuser and confessions given by the accused. While investigating a sex crime law enforcement will commonly attempt to interview the individual under investigation.  An individual charged with or being investigated for a sex crime can always and should always speak with an attorney prior to speaking with the police.

The team at Kollie Law is prepared to take immediate steps to protect your rights from the outset. If you need a Medford sex crime attorney, we'll provide you with experienced legal representation. 

*Nothing herein constitutes legal advice. You should obtain independent legal counsel regarding your specific factual situation.

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